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Big-DOS is a freeware GEMDOS / ISO 9293 / MS-DOS filesystem that replaces the GEMDOS of TOS (not KAOS and not ASH-MagiC!). It works with up to 32 drives on Atari ST, STE, TT and Falcon. That means also MS-DOS partitions up to 2 Gbyte. (With the ACSI and IDE interface only 1 Mbyte hard disks can be accessed.)

Download Big-DOS 8 from 1997-01-05 here.

For MS-DOS partitions with more than 32 Mbyte, you also need a hard disk driver which can handle MS-DOS partitions type 6 and allows access to more than 65535 sectors via Rwabs(). This should be a driver with XHDI 1.20. The only ones I know are CBHD and HDDRIVER.

For Atari's AHDI 6.061 a binary diff is included. (You need Binary Patch from Robert Federle.)

Atari disk monitor for big MS-DOS partitions

The only disk monitor for Atari's I know, that can handle MS-DOS partitions bigger than 32 Mbyte is the SED_566 from Anton Stepper and Claus Brod. It was selled with the german book »Scheibenkleister : Massenspeicher am ST«. And even this one needs a patch. You need the original source code, a GFA-BASIC interpreter 3.5 or 3.6 and the second version of my SED_566 diffs.

Another one is Diskus.

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